Until our attention is called to it, we are unconscious what apparently unpromising material may yield new and beautiful motives for color-harmonies.
— E. N. V.

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Design and implementation by Mel Dollison and Liza Daly.

This generator is based on the works of Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939), who hoped her original color analyses would inspire others to study “whatever originals may be at hand in books, shops, private houses, or museums.” We hope you are similarly inspired by her abstract, modernist style employed in the context of everyday objects and photos.

The generator was initially developed as a Twitter bot and was featured in a 2018 New York Times story: “New Life for a 1902 Manual About Color”. More about Vanderpoel’s work can be found at the Public Domain Review. A paperback reproduction of the original book is available as Color Problems.



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